Picking Up The New Threads Of The Business

RST, a family owned and run subcontractor supplies a range of services to plastic mould makers and press tool makers. Their client list is growing as a number of other industries including Motor Sport and Aerospace take up their skills. To cope with this growing workload the company recently installed two new Sodick wire cut machines including a submerged cutting Sodick A500W and a Sodick A320D both equipped with auto wire threading units. A Major feature of the work undertaken by RST is multi aperture cutting.

Jason Taylor, programmer at RST outlined the vital importance to the company of reliable machine operation.

‘A considerable amount of our work is undertaken for press tool makers who typically need dozens of apertures to be cut into a single plate. Without auto wire threading this can be tedious and unrewarding work! When we consider a new machine reliable auto wire threading was a major factor which influenced our decision. The reliability of Sodick’s auto wire threading is well established and its success has enabled us to achieve our target of virtually non stop day and night running. For example we have recently wire cut 350 apertures into a press tool plate without a single malfunction. We have then cut the slugs our and undertaken a skim cut again without any difficulty. With work like this position and accuracy of the holes or apertures is critical. We have the facility to check our work with a Coordinate Measuring Machine which has confirmed both the machines repeatable accuracy and its ability to hold tight tolerances typically better than 3 microns between any series of holes in a plate. This maximises machine time and allows us to be in control of the lights out running which is now vital to any company investing in new technology’

RST use EZ-EDM to programme their Sodick wire cut machines but have found the machine easy to programme directly. Equipped with 3R tooling, RST have undertaken the wire cutting of gear tooth profiles and also splines with the same degree of accuracy.

extract taken from EDM Update from Sodi-Tech https://www.sodi-techedm.co.uk – Autumn 1999